Blind tasting review
Three Philosophers
Three Philosophers

Family Belgian Ale Style Dark Belgian Ale
Country USA (NY) ABV 9.8%
Producer Brewery Ommegang (Duvel)
Price $$$$ Packaging 25.4oz/750ml, 12oz/355ml bottle
Characteristics Malty, strong, sour, yeasty

Overview This curious beer is an American- Belgian hybrid. Three Philosophers is a Quadrupel-style ale brewed in Cooperstown and then blended with a small portion of Lindemans Kriek, a sour cherry ale from Belgium. This is the only regularly produced, multi-brewery blended beer we are aware of.

Flavors and aromas The cherry quality is nicely subtle, though a couple of our tasters picked up on it. The sour component is more upfront, and mingles with a somewhat English character to the malt, reminding us of apple-cider and malt vinegars. Some tasters were also reminded of port or sherry. Caramel flavors bracket the malt, and the end result is a rich, somewhat viscous brew that tends a bit to the heavy side. Overall, a winner.
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