Blind tasting review
Saison Dupont
Saison Dupont

Family Belgian Ale Style Saison
Country Belgium ABV 6.5%
Price $$$$ Packaging 11.2oz/330ml, 12.7oz/375ml, 25.4oz/750ml bottle
Characteristics Bitter, unusual, refreshing, yeasty

Overview There’s great diversity in the world of saisons, also known as farmhouse ales. One particular source of variety is yeast character. Saison Dupont’s yeast is perhaps the most highly prized, and it’s used by many American breweries looking to dabble in the style.

Flavors and aromas A big, fluffy, long-lasting head introduces this dry, fruity, complex beer. The nose is lightly estery and full of peppery, spicy phenolic notes. It’s calm and restrained, but the palate is bursting with dry, spicy flavors, complex yeast character, and rich hop bitterness. The finish is dry, perhaps a touch astringent, but the overall effect here is beguiling and fresh, and flavors shift and dance around with each sip.
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