Blind tasting review
Schlenkerla Helles
Schlenkerla Helles

Family Smoke Beer
Country Germany ABV 4.3%
Producer Aecht Schlenkerla
Price $$$$ Packaging 16.9oz/500ml bottle
Characteristics Malty, unusual

Overview Schlenkerla Helles is not produced with smoke malt, but the brewery is so infused with the stuff that while they don’t call it a rauchbier, they have no illusions about the impact of using the same yeasts, storage, and brewing equipment. This is secondhand smoke beer.

Flavors and aromas Heavy hot cereal and corn flavors fill the nose of this unusual beer. Mild smoke character plays a backseat role. In the palate, there are still strong corn notes, but the weightiness of the nose gives way to more focused smoke character, mildly sweet malt, and spices. The finish, for all that, is remarkably mild and pleasant. Tasters had mixed opinions about the aroma but generally found this to be surprisingly drinkable.
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