Blind tasting review
Bohigas Crianza
Bohigas Crianza

Style Light red Old World Country Spain Price $15
Vintage tasted 2007 Grapes Tempranillo, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

Overview As you’ve probably noticed, Cabernet Sauvignon is extremely popular. It’s also easy to grow in a fairly wide range of climates, meaning that most wine countries produce some version of the grape—though quality can vary dramatically. It’s always fascinating to see how the grape adapts to each country in which it’s grown. The addition of it to this Spanish blend is a nice touch, giving a lovely balance of fruit, herbs, and earth.

Nose Our blind tasters found red and black fruit, herbs, and even a hint of cola.

Mouth Herbal and tannic, it borders on astringency without being unpleasant.
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