Blind tasting review
Château Damase
Château Damase
Bordeaux Supérieur

Style Heavy red Old World Country France Price $12
Vintage tasted 2006 Grapes Merlot

Overview Though it comes from the obscure commune of Savignac in Bordeaux, this winery explicitly takes as its model the great Merlot-based wines of Saint-Émilion (of which Château Pétrus is the most famous example). Because the soil from the vineyards is made of clay, which is ideal for Merlot but inhospitable to Cabernet, the owner wisely decided to forgo the better known Cab-Merlot blend in favor of a pure Merlot wine. It has all the complexity of Bordeaux from better known areas, though it’s still a bit rough around the edges.

Nose Merlot can be complex: black berries, green pepper, nutmeg, sweet spice, and barnyard aromas.

Mouth It’s fruitier here, with decent tannins and fairly strong acidity.
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