Blind tasting review
AleSmith IPA
AleSmith IPA

Family India Pale Ale
Country USA (CA) ABV 7.8%
Price $$$$ Packaging 22oz/650ml bottle
Characteristics Bitter, hoppy, strong, yeasty

Overview AleSmith is a small but significant player in the current bigger-and-badder craft beer trend. Their Belgian- and English-styled beers are almost uniformly high in alcohol and flavor, and they’re among the most popular breweries at the various online ratings websites.

Flavors and aromas This potent beer poured with a huge head, which along with some fruity esters, reminded our tasters of some fine Belgian-style ales. This is definitely an IPA, though, with complex pine, citrus, and floral hop character, and a sprightly palate that is crisply bitter. The dry finish has elegant lemon peel and a hint of coriander.
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