Blind tasting review
Barefoot Extra Dry
Barefoot Extra Dry

Style Sparkling Country USA (CA) Price $10
Vintage tasted NV Grapes Chardonnay

Overview Barefoot vies with Yellow Tail for the most-ubiquitous-mass-produced- wine-in-U.S.-stores award, but the folks there still manage to turn out some good wines. While “extra dry” normally designates sparklers that have a bit of noticeable sugar, this one has enough acidity to feel quite dry. It’s extremely fizzy (probably past the point of naturalness), but somehow complaining about that seems like nitpicking.

Nose It’s not terribly remarkable— few of our blind tasters had many specifics to offer—but it’s crisp and lively, which is plenty at this price point.

Mouth The acid is impressive for an extra dry wine, and the foamy bubbles, while strange, are pleasant.
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