Blind tasting review
Domaine Les Salices Viognier
Domaine Les Salices Viognier

Style Sweet or aromatic Country France Price $12
Vintage tasted 2008 Grapes Viognier

Overview Viognier makes some of the roundest, most aromatic wines around. In the French Condrieu (in northern Rhône) it can be stunningly rich and delicious, and it’s been steadily catching on as a New World grape as well. It’s not to everyone’s taste (one of our blind tasters compares it to old lady perfume), but for most people it’s easy to like. This one is a classic example, with rich floral aromas that should please the crowds.

Nose It lives up to its reputation, with roses, orange, fruit, and flowers.

Mouth More of the same here; it’s impressive how balanced it manages to be. One blind taster thought it might have just been a well done Chardonnay.
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