Blind tasting review
Barefoot Brut Cuvée
Barefoot Brut Cuvée

Style Sparkling Country USA (CA) Price $10
Vintage tasted NV Grapes Chardonnay

Overview We never would have predicted that two sparkling wines from this ubiquitous supermarket producer would have made the cut, but that’s blind tasting for you. This bottle had a shocking amount of acidity for a budget wine, which usually tend to err on the sweet side. Some of our blind tasters even wondered if it had too much acidity, which almost never happens, so make sure you’re in the mood for a tart, refreshing wine before you open this bottle.

Nose It has crisp mineral aromas and lots of apple.

Mouth As we said, the acidity was so intense that it made even our acid-happy tasters a bit nervous. It’s also unusually bubbly, even for an inexpensive sparkling wine.
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