Blind tasting review
Argento Bonarda
Argento Bonarda

Style Heavy red New World Country Argentina Price $13
Vintage tasted 2008 Grapes Bonarda

Overview Bonarda doesn’t have much name recognition, possibly because it’s so hard to pin down what the term refers to: there are several grapes in several countries that share the name. Argento’s Bonarda is the same grape known in California as “Charbono,” and it makes dense, rich, tannic wines perfect for hearty meat dishes. This bottle lives up to the grape’s reputation, and our blind tasters were thrilled to discover a new alternative to Petite Sirah and hearty Cabs.

Nose Dark berries, mint, a hint of vegetable, and a meaty aroma—this aggressive nose is everything you’d want in a big New World red.

Mouth It’s dry and tannic, with blackberries and chocolate to soften any harshness.
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