Blind tasting review
AleSmith X
AleSmith X

Family Pale Ale Style American Pale Ale
Country USA (CA) ABV 5.5%
Price $$$ Packaging 22oz/650ml bottle
Characteristics Bitter, hoppy, unusual, yeasty

Overview About half of Alesmith’s beers have straightforward names, like Wee Heavy and IPA, but the other half have interesting, enigmatic names, like X, Horny Devil, and My Bloody Valentine.

Flavors and aromas This is a challenging beer that feels somewhat thin and unbalanced, but there are intriguing flavors nonetheless. Lemon and citrus hops are focused and precise in the nose, perhaps a bit aggressive. There’s also a hint of soap, and as this warms in the glass, the soap/lemon pairing gets more intense. The palate is very bright and lemony, showing a bit of estery fruit. Hop bitterness isn’t terribly high in absolute terms, but there’s not much malt character here, and the bitterness comes off as herbal or medicinal.
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