Blind tasting review
Cono Sur Bicycle Cabernet Sauvignon
Cono Sur Bicycle Cabernet Sauvignon

Style Heavy red New World Country Chile Price $10
Vintage tasted 2008 Grapes Cabernet Sauvignon

Overview We’re always suckers for a good pun (if you haven’t picked up on it, say the name of this wine three times fast), so we were delighted when the brown paper bag came off this Chilean bottle. Furthermore, the winery claims that the bicycle represents its commitment to the environment—a commitment that extends to using bikes rather than motor vehicles to travel across and between the vineyards. That’s an idea to which we’re happy to raise a glass.

Nose It has berries, green bell pepper, and a hint of soft vanilla. Impressively complex.

Mouth Along with the berries you’d expect, there’s a smoky green pepper flavor and a distinct leather note.
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