Blind tasting review
Foxhorn Chardonnay
Foxhorn Chardonnay

Style Heavy white New World Country USA (CA) Price $6
Vintage tasted NV Grapes Chardonnay

Overview Well, you won’t be winning any style points for drinking this one. Our blind tasters—who almost universally loved it—were shocked to find that this wine came in a jug. And not a tasteful jug, either: the kind of tacky jug that normally contains undrinkable plonk. This California Chard, though, was anything but tacky. Refreshing, bright with citrus, and with just enough oak to make it juicy, this is a wine we’ll happily close our eyes and pour. Or put it right back in its brown paper bag.

Nose Our tasters loved the clean, fresh nose, with its plentiful fruit.

Mouth Even our most oak-averse tasters had no problems here, and they even admired the “good juicy mouthful” and hint of vanilla perfectly balanced by citrus.
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