Blind tasting review
Woodbridge Chardonnay
Woodbridge Chardonnay
Robert Mondavi

Style Heavy white New World Country USA (CA) Price $8
Vintage tasted 2008 Grapes Chardonnay

Overview Nearly as ubiquitous as Yellow Tail, the Woodbridge label can be found in just about every liquor store in America—and an impressive number of Walgreens, bodegas, and gas stations as well. It’s not particularly known for simplicity and elegance, though, which is why our blind tasters were surprised when the brown bag came off this bottle. It’s impressively fresh and clean for an American Chardonnay, which makes us like it even more.

Nose It’s simple and floral, with bright citrus flavors as well.

Mouth Again and again, our blind tasters used words like simple, clean, and refreshing. Sounds good to us.
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