Blind tasting review
Turning Leaf Pinot Noir
Turning Leaf Pinot Noir
Provincia di Pavia IGT

Style Light red Old World Country Italy Price $8
Vintage tasted 2007 Grapes Pinot Noir

Overview An $8 Pinot Noir that’s both mass produced and delicious? We wouldn’t have believed it either, until we blind tasted it. Pinot Noir is a grape that tends to fall into sharp stylistic camps: the New World profile of ripe cherries with some earth against the Old World model of barnyard, earth, nuts, and a bit of red fruit to balance it all out. This wine is impressively complex and definitely tends towards the Old World. Our blind tasters were pleasantly surprised by the price tag.

Nose It smells of hazelnut, wood, and fresh tomato vine—all in all, an incredibly appealing mixture.

Mouth It’s more nutty than fruity, and it also has tomato and loads of spicy black pepper.
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