Blind tasting review
Santa Julia Malbec
Santa Julia Malbec
Familia Zuccardi

Style Heavy red New World Country Argentina Price $10
Vintage tasted 2009 Grapes Malbec

Overview It’s hard not to like the sentiment behind proudly organic growers, even if they can occasionally seem preachy, and this eco-friendly Argentine winery turns out a fruity but complex wine that’s delicious. Like several of our picks from South America, this wine expertly walks the line between New World and Old World styles, with berries and a nice herbaceous quality.

Nose Berry and grape aromas dominate (yes, we know—all wines may be made of grapes, but not all wines smell like them). There’s also a nice herbal note that lends this bottle some Old World class.

Mouth Big red berries, herbs, and a healthy dose of food-friendly acid appealed instantly to our blind tasters.
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