Blind tasting review
Norton Malbec
Norton Malbec

Style Heavy red New World Country Argentina Price $11
Vintage tasted 2009 Grapes Malbec

Overview These days, the connection in many consumers’ minds between Argentina and Malbec is indelible. Known as the quality grape from a bargain region, Malbec has made a New World name for itself. It’s quite common in France, in the Cahors region, where inky black wines are made primarily from Malbec. Its Argentine incarnations are usually fairly big, tannic, and practically crying out to be drunk with a big juicy steak.

Nose There are tons of berries here, and one blind taster identified some wood as well.

Mouth It’s tighter than the nose, and quite green, or vegetal. A healthy dose of tannin and excellent balance suggest it will be a great food wine.
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