Blind tasting review
Villa Wolf Dry Riesling
Villa Wolf Dry Riesling

Style Sweet or aromatic Country Germany Price $12
Vintage tasted 2008 Grapes Riesling

Overview We’re thrilled to see some dry Rieslings make it into this year’s edition of The Wine Trials; this style can be difficult to adjust to, so it’s nice to see the market slowly starting to embrace it so wholeheartedly. To be fair, this bottle wasn’t completely dry: several of our blind tasters detected a hit of sugar before the intense acidity washed away any sweetness. Given how bracing great dry Riesling can be, this seems like a fair compromise to us.

Nose It’s got a classically aromatic Riesling nose, with clean minerality and citrus.

Mouth Any sweetness is quickly forgotten in the sharp attack of acidity and minerality.
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