Blind tasting review
Pölka Dot Riesling
Pölka Dot Riesling

Style Sweet or aromatic Country Germany Price $12
Vintage tasted 2008 Grapes Riesling

Overview This wine is from the Pfalz, one of the largest wine regions of Germany. It’s an area rich in historical significance: grapes were first planted here by the Romans, and there were so many castles and minor princes in the area that the region’s name is derived from the Latin word for “palace.” And while we’re pretty sure “Pölka Dot” isn’t the name of old Germanic royalty, we’re firm believers in the greatness of German wine—if adopting a silly Anglophone name is what it takes to win American devotees, we won’t complain.

Nose A great German Riesling nose: lime, stone, and flowers compete for attention.

Mouth It’s slightly sweet, with strong minerality, flowers, peaches, and good, cleansing acidity.
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