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Fearless Critic restaurant review
New Haven
Groceries, Chinese

Daily 9:00am–10:00pm

Bar None
Credit cards Visa, MC

East Rock
67 Whitney Ave.
New Haven, CT
(203) 777-8886
Hong Kong Grocery
A lovely little escapist trip—pretend you are in Asia for the afternoon

Hong Kong Grocery is an overwhelmingly aromatic Asian market on Whitney Avenue. Gone are the days when you could duck into China Great Wall, the restaurant in the back, for a $5 meal that could effectively feed you for days. Now you have to go all the way next door for such pleasures.

The restaurant is now its own entity, and Hong Kong Grocery is exactly that—a grocery. Needless to say, the atmosphere, even for a supermarket, is still about as uncharming as it gets. Aside from David Grewal, the clientele is still largely Chinese, but word is getting out, and it seems that soon enough just about everyone will be coming here for the cheap and interesting produce. “Service” remains surly.

This two-story market has, of course, a strong showing of Chinese goods of any sort; given the sheer size of Hong Kong Grocery in comparison to some of the other Asian groceries around town, it is somewhat the Wal-Mart of the bunch. They will stock just about anything here, while the other stores have to work with much more limited shelf space, and as such, are forced to be more selective with their buying.

What makes ethnic groceries so fun is the little escape from daily life that they provide. For a little chunk of your day you can pretend that you’re back in Hong Kong. Now if only they’d shape up on the fresh-fish front, so we wouldn’t have to go all the way up State Street...

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