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–Leslie Brenner,
Dallas Morning News
Fearless Critic restaurant review
Upmarket restaurant

Mon–Fri 3:00pm–midnight
Sat 2:00pm–1:00am
Sun 3:00pm–10:00pm

Features Date-friendly, good wines, outdoor dining, Wi-Fi
Bar Beer, wine
Credit cards Visa, MC, AmEx
Reservations Accepted


2323 N. Henderson
Dallas, TX
(214) 841-9463
Wine for the masses, no matter your level of experience

Forget about food. Veritas offers only a few wine-related nibbles: cured meats, cheeses—though they are Texas-based. Brothers Brad and Brooks Anderson didn’t largely abandon their law practice and open Veritas to impress guests with their cooking prowess. No, they’re advocates of mid-range, often underappreciated (or at least underrepresented) wines.

The Knox-Henderson wine bar may not offer the finest selection in the city. Their hired hands may not be the most versed. But they will always stock a few bottles even the most persnickety snob has yet to sip. Really, though, Veritas is about neighborhood atmosphere. Sure, it’s wedged into an updated strip, and people descend from all over the Dallas area. Once inside, however, the guided rusticity and considered low-slung lounge seating, the prominent local art, and degreed lighting dissolves the parking lot, the Knox-Henderson phoniness, and the noisy Horne & Dekker poseurs next door.

Veritas feels like a casual wine bar run by and for people who drink because they appreciate drinking wines as much as they appreciate the presence of like-minded people. Oh, there’s some spillover from Knox-Henderson. But those people settle into cushy chairs. The bar—now that’s the place for real modest aficionados.

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