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Hello Reader’s Digest!

by Seamus Campbell

I have learned that the August issue of Reader’s Digest borrows from our results to construct a list of “The Twelve Best American Beers”—the dozen beers listed all being 9-point scorers in The Beer Trials. That’s well and good, but I feel a need to disclaim a bit to any readers who may have found their way here to share a concern that we missed a beer or six.

The best-scoring beers in the book are, of course, merely the best-scoring of the beers we tasted. And make no mistake, there are a lot of beers we didn’t taste. According to the Brewer’s Association, as of April 2010, there were 1,599 breweries in the US alone. We only tasted 250 beers!

That… [More]

Home again, and just in time for Oregon Craft Beer Month.

by Seamus Campbell

I’ve returned, refreshed and enthusiastic, from my trip to California, where I drank a fair amount of wine and not much beer (though I did find my way to a couple pints of Sierra Nevada) while attending the annual meeting of the American Association of Wine Economists, where Robin and I presented the results of our Heineken-Stella-Czechvar taste test study. All in all, it was a fun trip. I saw a lot of interesting presentations on a wide variety of subjects about the wine world (with “economics” being used in a variety of senses, from the most traditional, microeconomics-based analyses of the impacts of tariffs on wine sales to more Freakonomics-type studies of issues like counterfeiting in European Ebay markets). And I have… [More]

Office Hours

by Seamus Campbell

My partner and I have made a habit of enjoying a pint at Belmont Station on Monday evenings (she works nearby). There are always exciting beers on draft, and even if there aren’t usually nearly as many session-strength beers as I’d like, it’s hard to ever complain about the tap list, when any of the 800-1000 bottled beers in the shop can be opened and consumed on-premises. We call this time “office hours” since it’s an opportunity for friends to drop in and find us for a drink if they like.

The last few weeks Belmont Station has had a series of events called “Barrel Monday” where they have a pair of barrel-aged beers on draft. Last week I enjoyed a glass of Russian… [More]

Well, wouldja look at that

by Seamus Campbell

The new version of has launched. Looks lovely, in my opinion. Take a peek!

There’s been less than normal amounts of beer in my life the last few weeks, but plenty of The Beer Trials. I was in Puerto Rico for a week, and failed to try a local mango-flavored beer that I heard some positive comments about. I did try one local pale lager that was too cold to taste. Mostly I enjoyed rum, which is not something I drink much.

I did have one noteworthy beer experience, though: Just before I left on that trip, I attended the last garage-wine tasting that Vincent over at Elevage will be hosting for the foreseeable future (he’s moved from… [More]

It’s a Beer Trials party

by Seamus Campbell

I wandered down to the Green Dragon (I go to other pubs… regularly… it’s just that the Green Dragon is where the action at. The Daily Wort has no financial interest in Rogue Brewing or any of its subsidaries. Promise) today to meet with Russ, the manager, to plan next week’s release party for The Beer Trials. It’s going to be good fun, I think. They’ll have at least 8 of our high-scoring choices from the book on draft. Co-author Robin and editor Alexis will be in town. We’ll have a bit of a reading, I think, but mostly we’ll be mixing it up, showing off the book, and enjoying some top-notch beers.

That’s my kind of… [More]

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