Blind tasting review
Bass Ale
Bass Ale

Family Pale Ale Style English Pale Ale
Country England ABV 5.0%
Producer InBev
Price $$ Packaging 12oz/355ml, 16oz/473ml bottle; 16.9oz/500ml can
Characteristics Malty

Overview Bass forms an important part of the history of British brewing as one of the first breweries from Burton upon Trent. It’s also the first English beer that many a North American youth encounters. These days the Bass brand is owned by InBev, and the brewing facilities have passed into the hands of Coors’ UK operations.

Flavors and aromas Our samples of Bass were a little skunky, which is odd given the brown glass packaging. Woody, spicy hops are mild. Light carbonation supports a healthy amount of smooth, mild English malt, leading into modest bitterness in the finish. Our tasters weren’t crazy about Bass, but we might pin some of that on the lack of a freshness date.
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