Blind tasting review
Warsteiner Premium
Warsteiner Premium

Family Pale Lager Style Pilsner
Country Germany ABV 4.8%
Price $$ Packaging 11.2oz/330ml, 16.9oz/500ml bottle, 11.2oz/330ml can
Characteristics Bitter

Overview In the same way that “Budweiser” is Czech for “from Budweis,” Warsteiner means “from Warstein.” Unlike Budweiser, Warsteiner actually is from Warstein, a Rhine valley city where Warsteiner has been produced since 1753.

Flavors and aromas The aroma is light, with thin, flowery noble hops and pilsner malt, plus some skunkiness. The palate backs off on the malt, bringing a strong bitterness with only mild hop flavors, a profile that carries into the finish. One panelist noted that he was reminded of a Munich pilsner (like Paulaner Pils) but without the rich hop flavors and aromas used in those beers to support the focused bitterness.
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