Blind tasting review
Red Seal Ale
Red Seal Ale

Family Pale Ale Style American Amber Ale
Country USA (CA) ABV 5.5%
Producer North Coast
Price $$$ Packaging 12oz/355ml bottle
Characteristics Bitter, hoppy, refreshing

Overview Mendocino County, California, has fewer than 100,000 residents, but boasts three microbreweries of international stature: Mendocino Brewing, Anderson Valley, and North Coast. In our view, any county would be fortunate to have one of those fine establishments.

Flavors and aromas Our tasters were torn. Was Red Seal Ale good? Or was it excellent? You’ll have to play decision-maker here, but with ample hops in the nose and body, the malt has plenty of room to play. The citrusy hops have a fresh, almost minty character, and all tasters agreed that this was refreshing, complete beer. We doubt you’ll find your task to be arduous.
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