Blind tasting review
Otter Creek Copper Ale
Otter Creek Copper Ale

Family Pale Ale Style Alt
Country USA (VT) ABV 5.4%
Price $$ Packaging 12oz/355ml bottle
Characteristics Refreshing

Overview Otter Creek Copper Ale was the brewery’s first beer in 1991. The Vermont microbrewery’s alt-style ale uses a surprising six different malts, and still serves as their flagship beer.

Flavors and aromas Mild malt, low hop aroma, and some fruity esters show up in the aroma of this beer. The palate is fruity, slightly sweet, and has a bit of a beer-seltzer effervescence to it. Bitterness is low, and the product as a whole lacks definition or interest. Our first bottle of this was significantly oxidized; we didn’t notice a stale character to this one, but it would be nice to discover that there’s more here than what we found.
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