Blind tasting review
Belhaven Scottish Ale
Belhaven Scottish Ale

Family Pale Ale Style Scottish Ale
Country Scotland ABV 5.2%
Producer Greene King
Price $$$$ Packaging 12oz/355ml, 16.9oz/500ml bottle; 14.9oz/440ml nitro can
Characteristics Malty

Overview Creamy Scottish ales, like English bitters, come in three strengths (plus a fourth, stronger style, called Scotch Ale), but only the strongest, known as “Export,” are sturdy enough for long travel. To sample Belhaven’s lower-strength “Light” or medium-strength “Heavy,” you’ll have to travel to the source.

Flavors and aromas A thick, dense head shows off the nitro can to good effect; as in a can of Guinness, a widget injects liquid nitrogen to simulate the beer’s velvety draft texture. The nose has intense creamy English malt aroma, light butterscotch, and a hint of deeper fruitiness. The body has the expected low carbonation and a malty, palate-coating feel. Strong malt character is rich without being sweet, with nice complexity and depth. Hop character is low and bitterness is light. This is a fine Scottish ale.
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