Blind tasting review
Blind Pig IPA
Blind Pig IPA

Family India Pale Ale
Country USA (CA) ABV 6.0%
Producer Russian River
Price $$$$ Packaging 16.9oz/500ml bottle
Characteristics Bitter, hoppy

Overview Russian River Brewing was the product of sparkling wine maker Korbel’s foray into craft beer. They sold the operation shortly afterwards to brewmaster Vinny Cilurzo, who seems to be doing just fine with it.

Flavors and aromas This is an intensely hoppy and bitter beer, but it may find some favor with drinkers who normally don’t like high bitterness. There’s a huge explosion of hops in the nose—resinous and citrusy—and it smells sweet and full-bodied. But there’s nothing cloying or syrupy about this beer in the mouth, where hop flavor and bitterness compete for attention. The latter dominates in the finish, but it doesn’t linger, which is why we think it might be worth stepping outside your comfort zone to try.
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