Blind tasting review
Widmer Hefeweizen
Widmer Hefeweizen

Family Wheat Beer Style American Wheat Beer
Country USA (OR) ABV 4.9%
Producer Craft Brewers Alliance
Price $$ Packaging 12oz/355ml, 22oz/650ml bottle
Characteristics Refreshing

Overview Kurt and Rob Widmer have been familiar faces in the brewing world since the mid-1980s, when they single-handedly (doublehandedly?) created the market for American hefeweizens with this beer. They’re also strong supporters of the Portland homebrew scene.

Flavors and aromas Hints of pepper and a tangy note (lemon or buttermilk) are about all that emerge in the very light aroma of this beer. A thin, crackery palate has little of the healthful body of better examples. This is generally very clean, and, other than a light pepper note that persists through the finish, lacking in character and definition.
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