Blind tasting review
Rogue Dead Guy
Rogue Dead Guy

Family Pale Ale Style Alt
Country USA (OR) ABV 6.5%
Price $$$ Packaging 12oz/355ml, 22oz/650ml, 64oz/1.89L bottle
Characteristics Bitter, malty

Overview Rogue calls this beer a maibock—a light version of the hearty German bock lager—but they ferment it with their house ale yeast (known as “Pacman”). The Dusseldorf alt-style beer is also an amber, malty beer made like a lager with top-fermenting yeast, which seems more like what you get here, so we call Dead Guy an alt.

Flavors and aromas Mild woody hops and light caramel make up the nose here. The palate is mildly malty and low-intensity, with minimal hop character or bitterness. This is more like a mild amber lager than an American-style amber ale. One taster found it a refreshing, food-friendly beer, but the rest wanted more flavor intensity, whether it be flavor hops, bitterness, or malt character.
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