Blind tasting review
Samuel Smith Pale Ale
Samuel Smith Pale Ale

Family Pale Ale Style English Pale Ale
Country England ABV 5.0%
Producer Old Brewery Pale Ale
Price $$$$ Packaging 12oz/355ml, 18.7oz/553ml bottle
Characteristics Malty

Overview Samuel Smith is an old operation. Founded in 1758, it’s the oldest brewery in Yorkshire. That brewery—the Old Brewery—is the namesake for this English pale ale.

Flavors and aromas Mild diacetyl butterscotch and complex English malt make this a warm, soft smelling beer. That malt is the clear backbone of the palate here, though it’s a little thin, with carbonation that’s a bit above the norm for an English ale. There’s soft bitterness here, which can’t cover up the malt, and some tasters wanted more of it. The finish is malty, not dry, and features some green hop flavors.
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