Blind tasting review
Steinlager Classic
Steinlager Classic

Family Pale Lager Style North American Lager
Country New Zealand ABV 5.0%
Producer Lion Nathan (Kirin)
Price $$ Packaging 11.2oz/330ml, 25.4oz/750ml bottle

Overview Lion Nathan introduced Steineker—later renamed Steinlager to avoid confusion with Heineken—in response to a government official’s challenge in 1957 to cut imports by developing an “international style lager.”

Flavors and aromas The skunky aroma of our samples of Steinlager were evident before the steward reached the table. Digging deep under the lightstruck notes, we found some hop and malt character. Bitterness is low, with a moderately light palate of crackery malt, and nice carbonation takes the edge off some mild sweetness, lending with a nicely dry finish. We’d like to try this fresh; for drinkers who really don’t mind skunkiness, this seems to have more interesting character lurking.
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