Blind tasting review
Michelob Light
Michelob Light

Family Pale Lager Style Light Beer
Country USA (MO) ABV 4.3%
Producer Anheuser-Busch
Price $ Packaging 12oz/355ml bottle; 12oz/355ml, 16oz/473ml can

Overview Anheuser-Busch’s Michelob Light was introduced in 1978, the second response to the huge success of Miller Lite (after 1977’s Natural Light). Bud Light came later, in 1982, when it became clear that the other brands were not having the desired effect on the market.

Flavors and aromas Producers of light beer (and near-beer) are faced with a difficult decision: to try to emulate full-strength beers, or to try to create a product that goes its own minimalist way. Neither approach is easy. Our panelists approved of Bud Light for taking the latter approach, but were less thrilled with Michelob Light, which aspires to taste like a full-strength lager, but comes across as a weak wannabe. Bland and uninspired.
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