Blind tasting review
Grolsch Premium Lager

Family Pale Lager Style Continental Lager
Country Netherlands ABV 5.0%
Price $$ Packaging 16oz/473ml, 16.9oz/500ml, 50.7oz/1.5 l swingtop bottle; 8.45oz/250ml, 11.2oz/330ml, 12oz/355ml, 24oz/710ml bottle; 11.2oz/330ml, 16.9oz/500ml can
Characteristics Malty, refreshing

Overview Grolsch is an old brand—nearly four centuries old. The pale lager style we associate with the brand (and with that unmistakable glass bottle with the swing-cap and rubber stopper) was still more than 200 years away from being developed. Today, Grolsch is owned by MillerCoors. Call us luddites, but we find this fact sort of sad.

Flavors and aromas This is an inoffensive but fairly generic European lager, a decent drink that doesn’t warrant or hold much of your attention. The balance of flavor here is clean light malt, with low hop character and light bitterness. Smooth mouthfeel and suitable carbonation round things out. We’d be totally satisfied to drink this at a party or a concert.
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