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Olde English 800
Olde English 800

Family Pale Lager Style North American Lager
Country USA (WI) ABV 5.9%
Producer SABMiller
Price $ Packaging 22oz/650ml, 32oz/946ml, 40oz/1.18L bottle; 12oz/355ml, 16oz/473ml, 24oz/710ml can
Characteristics Strong

Overview Miller’s high-gravity lager may be the most famous malt liquor out there. It comes in a variety of strengths, including, improbably, a 4.2% ABV version for states with strict limits on beer alcohol content. It’s best drunk out of a brown paper bag.

Flavors and aromas A dense malt nose with corn and grainy aromas comes across as sweet and slightly musty. The palate is more open, but this is full-bodied and a bit heavy in the mouth. That’s softened some by bright carbonation, but the full, sweet beer finishes heavy and with a hint of alcoholic bitterness. As this warms, the sweetness intensifies; it’s hard to imagine drinking a lot of this, but with the high alcohol content, you wouldn’t need to.
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