Blind tasting review

Family Pale Lager Style North American Lager
Country USA (CO) ABV 5.0%
Producer Molson Coors
Price $ Packaging 12oz/355ml, 40oz/1.18L bottle; 12oz/355ml can
Characteristics Refreshing

Overview Coors is produced in the world’s largest brewery facility, located in Golden, CO, where the brand’s marketing machine works to remind us of its high altitude and proximity to the Rockies. If you watch much television, Coors’ alpine provenance is probably embedded in your cerebral cortex for life. But this was just a modest regional beer when, in 1977, it took its star turn as a load of alcoholic contraband in the film Smokey and the Bandit.

Flavors and aromas A light sweet nose smells vaguely of white wine, but who swirls and sniffs Coors? This beer has a light mouthfeel, with low malt presence, and if there are hops, they’re very subtle. There’s enough carbonation and just a pinch of bitterness, which gives the finish some crispness, but sweetness dominates.
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