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Fearless Critic restaurant review
This restaurant is closed
Food cart

Tue–Sun noon–8:00pm

Features Outdoor dining
Credit cards None

East Austin
2209 E. Cesar Chavez
Austin, TX
No phone
Not Your Mama’s Food Truck
Some romantic prospects and culinary adventures pan out in the Wild, Wild East

In a huddle of tiny food trailers on a remote outpost of Cesar Chavez, this tiny white chiclet squats, offering one of the tastiest, cheapest, and—thanks to a few strands of soft lights and the generous warmth of an Austin evening—oddly romantic meals in town.

Not Your Mama’s Food Truck dishes up unlikely window treats like a take on pierogi with beef cheeks, prosciutto powder, and tomato confit. These are the molecular-gastronomy pursuits of brick-and-mortar kitchens, but surprisingly, they translate well here; the prosciutto powder, although invisible, brings a salt-pork whisper to this incredibly comforting stew of doughy dumplings. Another hat trick, a deep-fried ball of chicken-fried steak gravy, melts simply and easily inside a delicious steak slider with a buttery toasted bun. There are some Southeast Asian influences on the board, like a Korean-style fried chicken (whose spice levels vary, but is often terrific), and a superb sweet and sour tongue that is absolutely one of the best things we’ve tasted in Austin’s food parks. It’s got that funky ferrous tongue thing, but with the texture of long-simmered pot roast, and a hoisin-sweet, pepper-flaked sauce that flavors bite after bite of sticky rice. Order two and have the other one later, trust us.

Bring your own booze (and cash) and sit at an adorably mismatched table, and you’ve got yourself a sweetly scruffy date night.

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